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Cornell Cooperative Extension's educators and programs are sought from every direction to provide unbiased, research-based educational services that support our families, children, farmers and environment. We continue to the best of our ability to rise to the challenge of meeting these needs - that is why we are here.

Cooperative Extension has been assisting the residents of Lewis County since 1918. We bring the application of Cornell University based science and research to improve the lives and living of a broad and diverse county population, from farmers and businesses to families and schools. Children have the opportunity to learn leadership skills through 4-H, families learn valuable parenting skills, farmers learn the latest and best management practices to ensure the quality and quantity of their crops and residents throughout the county learn how to manage and conserve energy usage to survive tough economic times.

Now we ask for your support so we can continue to provide and expand these beneficial programs and services in Lewis County. Your enrollment as a member of Cooperative Extension for $20 is money well spent. If you have not already enrolled please do so today!

This enrollment is not necessary for those already enrolled in 4-H unless interested in receiving materials in other areas of Cooperative Extension.

To enroll online please click here or call the office at 315-376-5270 with any questions.

Thank you!


Michele Ledoux
Executive Director
(315) 376-5270

Last updated July 26, 2019