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Classroom Greenhouse Kits

Classroom Greenhouse Kits

A free Classroom Greenhouse Kit from CCE Lewis County provides students with a hands-on experience while learning about plant growth, agriculture, and sustainability. This free, all-inclusive kit includes everything needed to set up a mini greenhouse in your classroom: greenhouse, seeds, soil, grow lights, curriculum, and more.

Gardening in a Classroom

Having a greenhouse in the classroom is the perfect introduction for students to learn about the different stages of plant growth. According to Cornell Garden-Based Learning , studies show that gardening had a positive impact on students’ interest in eating more fruits and vegetables, environmental awareness, science achievement tests, and life skills. Experiencing agriculture in the classroom is an easy way to learn about the food production systems in Lewis County and beyond! Once harvested, plants can be taken home or utilized in the school cafeteria, providing a personal connection to freshly-grown produce.

Supplies are limited and intended for Lewis County students. Please contact CCE Lewis County’s Farm to School program to request your kit.


Each classroom kit includes:

Two-tier mini greenhouse, approximately 26.5"L x 19"W x 36.5"H, constructed of an iron tube frame and steel wire shelves. The greenhouse is assembled prior to delivery/pickup.

PVC cover with roll-up door

Full spectrum clip-on grow lights with timer/auto shutoff

Plastic pot for each student

Seeds (may be leafy greens, herbs, radishes, or a mix)


Instructions and curriculum

The greenhouse kits are designed to be accessible for all skill levels. However, CCE Lewis County is also pleased to offer and provide in class visits to school classrooms to enhance lesson plans by providing outside resources and knowledge of the agricultural arena. These are available by appointment.

At this time, all available classroom greenhouse kits have been reserved. Please sign up on our waiting list at We will be in touch when more supplies are available!

For more information, contact David Nisley, Farm to School Education Coordinator, at or 315-376-5270.


David Nisley
Farm to School Education Coordinator
(315) 376-5270

Last updated February 21, 2024