New Orleans, LA 9/8/05 -- Residents who stayed behind with pets are leaving after police told them the pets can go with them. Many residents have been in New Orleans without electricity or tap water for ten days. New Orleans is being evacuated as a result of floods and damage caused by hurricane Katrina.
Image by Liz Roll

New Orleans resident evacuates with pets after Hurricane Katrina (2005).

Volunteer emergency personnel move cattle to higher ground during a flood in Missouri (2008).

Humane Society volunteer rescues stranded pets after Minnesota flood (1997).

Animals & Pets

The best way to protect your household from the effects of a disaster is to have a disaster plan. If you are a pet owner, that plan must include your pets. Being prepared can save their lives.(1)

Cold Weather

Cold Weather Pet Safety by the American Veterinary Medical Association, covers steps to take to keep a variety of different pets safe during winter weather. 

Emergency Plans and Resources

Emergency Planning for Livestock and Pets- Cornell EDEN 

Empire State Animal Response Team (NYS)


(1) American Red Cross, "Prepare Your Home and Family > Pets" at accessed on 1/30/2014.

Last updated February 7, 2023